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Xixuthrus heros
Xixuthrus heros, or the Giant Fijian long-horned beetle is one of the largest beetles belonging to the Cerambycidae family. It also belongs to the Coleoptera order.

Appearance Edit

Certain specimens of this species grow up to 15 mm, excluding the legs and antennae. It is the second largest of all beetles, being passed by Titanus giganteus.

Life cycle Edit

Males of this species are very territorial, and will fight each other for control of good egg-laying sites.

Defense Edit

When threatened, X. heros will create a hissing noise by squeezing air out from under their elytra.

Feeding Edit

X. heros eats leaves and wood, making it herbivorous and xylophagous.

Geography Edit

Like the name suggests, this longhorn beetle is native to Viti Levu in Fiji.

Other information Edit

Many websites say that this species is extinct, but it is not.

Sources Edit

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