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Damon diadema

Whip-spiders, also known as Amblypygids are a type of arachnid. There are only 3 families and 130 species of whip-spiders. The order of whip-spiders is Amblypygi.


These rare and ugly arachnids have squat bodies and a broad cephalothorax. The pedipalps can be long, slender, or short, and possibly sharp depending on the species. The tarsi are sharp. The pedipalps hold prey, while the arachnid's chelicerae tear apart the prey.

Life cycle[]

Males drop a spermatophore on the ground, where they are picked up by a female's genitalia. Females carry around their eggs and the young hatch in a brood sack.

Feeding habits[]

All whip-spiders are predacious.


Whip-spiders favor tropical and sub-tropical areas. Some will even appear in caves.

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