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Really? I've edited ALL of the species??? That's good, but the genera...

My username is SmartOneKg, but is signed SmartOne. I am a very active contributor on Animal Crossing City, Paper Mario Wiki, Coin Collecting Wiki, and a few others. I am an ameteur entymologist. I do not collect any insects - once I examine my specimin, I let it go.

News (that's not corrupt)[]

I have fully recorded the Goliathus genus. Wikipedia missed Goliathus meleagris, so I'm glad I got that. I have researched Vespa, and MANY dragonflies, especially the very slow Darner (<-- make it a redirect).

Extra Info[]

One of my teachers has the "rare" Pyrops candelarius and some kind of Chalcosoma atlas synonym. And it's surprisingly OPEN WINGED!

Favourite Species[]

My favourite beetle is Goliathus goliatus and my favourite butterfly is either Attacus atlas (strangely), or the genus Agrias.

What am I doing?[]

I'm probably working on Coleoptera if you find my edits. My first subspecies is probably Japanese. A lot of creatures out there.

Information and "Read Me"[]

Feel free to add categories on the pages created and leave messages about changes, extra info, or mistakes on my Discussion page. Please do not replace any of the pictures or dramatically change the articles! The photos, many which I have retrieved from other websites (because I have two horrible 7 MPX cameras) in fine condition. Unless there was a copyright, they shall not be destroyed or replaced.

I'll take care of SPAM. 2 so far.

Active? Admins?[]

Is this wiki still active and who are the admins?

B.D. Landry 14:05, February 6, 2012 (UTC)