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About myself[]

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Hello! I am happy to see you at my profile! My name is Kartik and remember I am NOT an official entomologist, I love insects especially lepidopterans, I have a passion for studying entomology in a manner that is deeper than the ocean! I love to read books whenever I am free and contribute to this Wikipedia by adding more rich information to the existing articles and even creating my very own one! check out all the articles I've created!

Caria sponsa, One of My favorite butterflies!

I am happy to be a part of this Wiki and looking forward to keep on adding more articles in future and extended the existing ones!

Favorite pages[]

  1. Orchid mantis
  2. Entomology
  3. Danaus plexippus
  4. Calidea dregii
  5. Lepidoptera
  6. Paralucia spinifera

Additional information[]

Remember to share your own opinion about the insect Wiki! I would absolutely love to hear from you! don't forget to share any opinions on how can we improve the Wiki! We are sure to make some notes about that! Checkout the Talk page on information about how can you help the Wiki and contribute to the Wiki! Looking forward to having you sharing your opinions! Thankyou very much for visiting the insect wiki!