Trypoxylus dichotomus

Trypoxylus dichotomus

Trypoxylus dichotomus

The Trypoxylus dichotomus is a very common East Asian beetle in the Dynastinae subfamily.


The Rhinoceros beetle has a pale maroon colour on its wings. The horns represent a Y shape with Ys in the Y shaped horns. Horns can range in size and shape (the Ys can be just T or Is)These are used to defeat other beetles or to plow through tough soil or stone. Females do not obtain horns.


As said earlier, the horns are used to plow through the ground. This is mainly because they live in the ground for four months in the spring. The male beetles breed a lot in their life and die in the fall. The eggs are layed in wood or sometimes in rocks and under leaves.

Rhinos are found hanging on tree branches or lying on rocks. In Japan, children love hunting these beetles for their horns and 15,000 Yen value. Some adults just keep them at home as a pet or to bring to school.


The Rhinoceros beetle appears in many anime and games in Japan, such as Super Mario RPG and Animal Crossing.

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