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A subspecies is a species that has evolved to look or act different. Colours are a major part of subspecies. These are the penultimate of the Biological Classification.

Common Names[]

These are a list of common ssp. names. They are usually refered to these:

  • Rufino - A mix of Red and Yellow. The yellow is usually on the shell. It might be a mix.
  • Ignita - Comes from Ignite. A red, firery colour.
  • Bicolor - Has two colours and one of them are from the nominate. All do NOT use English spelling.
  • Fascinata - Comes from Facinating. Perhaps the entymologist was very interested in the species?
  • Septentrionis -
  • Confluens -
  • Marlenae -
  • Melanique - Has a very dark pigment. This is one of the many different names.
  • Decorata - Comes from Decoration. Usually has many spots scattered around the shell.
  • Japonicus - This species is ONLY in Japan and is very unique.
  • Mandarina - This species is ONLY in China and is very unique.