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Rhaphigaster nebulosa

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Rhapigaster nebulosa

Raphigaster nebulosa is a shieldbug found throughout Europe that belongs to the Pentatomidae family.


This species of shieldbug is 14 to 16 mm long. It is dirty-yellowish gray in color with a irregulary-distributed fovea on the top side of its body. The membrane of its front wings are speckled brown. The mouthparts of this species form something that looks like a proboscis. Stink glands are on the underside of the thorax.


During late spring, the female lays around 40 eggs in lines or discs on different parts of plants. Once the eggs hatch, the young will vary in color and are flightless. Wing stumps are only recognizable after the third nymphal stage. To protect against predators, the young have a stink glands on their backs. They eat various broadleaved woody plants and occasionally suck on dead insects.

This species live in the Palearctic region along with other parts of Europe.