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Polyommatinae is a subfamily of family Lycaenidae. Individual species are commonly known as Blues and Blue Butterflies.


Wing Morphology[]

As a genuine rule, almost every species has a ventral side painted vividly with brilliant iridescent shades of blue, Indigo, Lavender, Periwinkle and Violet . Their wings are normally covered with tender, soft light setae. Several species also have gradient lustrous scales coating their wings which could possibly reflect light which may be responsible for their glistening vivid blues.

Body Morphology[]

Polyommatinae species are generally small and minute-sized wings with fuzzy thick bodies densely covered with setae They also have soft antennae.


Feeding Habits[]

All species are nectarivores. With adults dancing along the skies before gently settling onto a flower and revealing their long proboscis as they scoop out nectar from the flowers.


This subfamily was first described by William John Swainson in 1827.

Taxonomic Division[]


  • Candalidini
  • Lycaenesthini
  • Niphandini
  • Polyommatini