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Paurapoda is an order of soft bodied, multi-legged primitive Myriapods. They certainly are not insects however they are not exactly

myriapods either instead they are often categorized as a sister group of millipedes.


Closely similar in appearance to diplurans, these pale white creatures have a set of multiple legs, their bodies are soft and delicate, their white coloration's reason is due to the fact that many species do not possess any pigmentations whatsoever. Their body lengths range from 0.008 mm to an approximate 2 mm. most adults have 10-16 pairs of legs. They do not possess many important organs such as heart or eyes. They are generally white but can also be brown with minute branched antennae. they are found thriving among leaf litter and soil.

Life cycles

Pauropods have a simple life cycle, they undergo incomplete metamorphosis although in some cases it can also be said that they do not have any metamorphosis (Similar to all other hexapods) They start out as a young nymph and only have 3 pairs of legs, as they molt they reach the secondary instar the number of legs they possess increases until they reach adulthood where they possess 9-16 pairs of legs. Otherwise a little or no information is available about their tendencies other than habitat and feeding preferences


They have a tendency of staying away from light sheltered underneath leaf litter. These insects are mainly omnivorous with the same saprophytic behavior as Diplurans and zorapterans. They prefer moist tropical or semi-tropical regions, they feed off decaying plant matter alongside smaller invertebrates such as mites and ticks. They do not have a specific hunting method neither they have any other information about their mating behaviors or anything.