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Lucanus capreolus (Female)

Lucanidae is the sub-family which compromises of stag beetles (Lucanus) there are 1200 species many specimen can grow upto 12 cm but most have an average length of 5cm at minimum. The key characteristics that define a lucanids is a pair of large elongated strong Mandibles that can only be seen in males from the family Lucanidae the females have a smaller pair of mandibles that are used for seizing and consumption of food. The large strong mandibles that males posses are used for fighting off rival mates and other predatory insects. They are one of the most common examples used to show different species of insects.


Most Lucanus are likely to be seen in colorations like maroon or brown however they may often vary in color and the shape of their stags (Seen in the males) will also vary as per the species the main key feature is to always be remembered and that is the large mandibles known as pincers possess by the males in the species The other features are just the same as for other coleopterans, Some of the most remarkably beautiful species include the rainbow stag beetle (Phalacrognathus muelleri) Is one of the most remarkably beautiful species of coleopterans With a beautiful lustrous exoskeleton with the resemblance of a rainbow.