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The wiki is all about insects and their relatives that anyone can edit. Insect Wiki is a constantly growing encyclopedia of knowledge! Here you can find all the information about over 600 species of insects and their relatives! The Wiki has a wide array of information ranging from Anatomy, Morphology, Taxonomy and many other topics related to insects. The amount of existing information is based on true facts, Help contribute to the Wiki in order to gain more accurate knowledge about insects, You are always welcome to the community.

This Wiki was Adopted on May 2008

990 articles Are currently present on this Wiki, Feel free to contribute and discover.

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Welcome to the Insect Wiki here we offer unlimited content about entomology alongside detailed information about Arthropods! Join the Insect Wiki Community to contribute to this Wiki together, we all can make this Wiki a wonderful and brilliant encyclopedia of knowledge! You can help expand the Wiki and add more accurate information We will be glad if you would contribute to the Insect Wiki!

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November 25, 2021
Insect Wiki has now grown to a great size and has been blossoming with activities, The abundance of information is nearly limitless with a wide array of species now amplifying every knook and cranny of this lively encyclopedia. Our goal is to offer the most abundant encyclopedia thriving with beetlesBugs, butterflies, flies, bees and ants and a variety of other species are now available on Insect Wiki please feel free to discover and contribute!
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A few books are coming under way. We'll be starting with ISBN 0-395-18523-8, a book with pictures and breif descriptions of Insects. While this is done, the Habitat information (found in Species, Subspecies, and Infraspecies) should be put under the Genus articles. If you would like to start, go ahead!

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With upto one million described species and over 30 million undiscovered species, there is an abundant variety of insects and other terrestrial arthropods to discover with a variety of insects larger than the entire Vertebrate phylum, they have wonderful behaviors, Amazing antiques and interactions with humans, insects have always been aspiring and wonderful to humans. Explore a variety of wonderful arthropods on insect Wiki ranging from Beautiful Butterflies Marvellous beetles and an abundant variety of limitless facts about such amazing insects.


Add your knowledge and Share it with the world! With main milestones of the Insect Wiki, 990 articles is a wonderful goal to be accomplished however their is are a lot of articles that The Insect Wiki community has been trying it's best since 2008. You can offer a helping hand to the insect wiki by inserting accurate information, creating new articles and expanding existing articles, the Insect Wiki is despirately looking forward to a brighter future.