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Lepisma saccharina

Hexapods are six-legged animals. However they not only include insects but other animals commonly mistaken for insects, An example of such include springtails. Some entomologists do not consider them to be a part of the insects proper and place them in a separate group. All insects are hexapods but not all hexapods are insects in the strict sense, This order compromises of several arthropods that were once considered as insects.

Common features[]

Hexapodes are 6 legged invertebrates that have tough exoskeletal systems as an armour and have undergone massive evolutionary changes over the course of millions of years. They have special adaptations which have allowed them to be one of the most successful animals on planet earth and perhaps beyond our imaginations too. We can only estimate the number of species on our planet. Earth of home to billions of these small fascinating animals.

Genre & Families[]

Collembola (springtails)
Protura (coneheads)
Diplura (two-pronged bristletails)
Archaeognatha (jumping bristletails)
Zygentoma (silverfish)
Pterygota (winged insects)