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Grylloblatta chirurgica

Grylloblatta chirurgica.jpg

Feeding habits

Grylloblatta chirurgica is a rock crawler native to the USA. This species is also known as the Mount Saint Helens grylloblatid,


A small light-brown yellow rock crawler with translucent carapace elongated body with a composition of upto 10 segmentations, G. Chirurgica has an elongated gradient yellow body concluded with a cerci at the rear. They have long antennae, elongated limbs, A vibrant translucent yellow Tibia, Tarsus and claws adorned with rows of spikes. They have a fairly large abdomen. They have small, button-like black eyes. And an almost-triangular head followed by a smooth apex and an absent pair of wings.


Feeding Habits[]

This grylloblatid species is an omnivore, they may either be predacious feeding on any present soft-bodied invertebrates in the region such as wooly aphids, other rock crawlers and they may also be cannibalistic, they may also be Saprophagous tunneling through the decaying manure in the snow-blanket covered mountains helping in decomposition during the process.