Goliathus is the Goliath beetle genus in the family Scarabaeidae.


The Goliath beetles have the same shaped shell and brown wings with an outline of blue. The eyes are clearly visible and theie heads have a striking pattern. The horns are more like pencil erasers and the legs have hazel hair growing on the sides. They also have sharp claws for grabbing things.


The Goliath Beetles usually enjoy climbing branches - or whatever looks like a branch. The beetles grabs dead leaves on palm trees for its source of protein. Adults sip sugar substances from fruits and palm trees, which is most likely coconut.

Goliath beetles are the jewel of a beetle collector. They can range from 50,000-60,000 Yen (Japan has many Goliaths) and are sold without their legs. The value increases if the wings are open.

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