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Dicronorrhina derbyana

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Dicronorrhina derbyana is a species of flower chafer These attractive beetles are mainly present in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa.


Dicronorrhina derbyana has a vibrant green exoskeleton which helps conceal the species among the lush foliage of the surroundings. The apex of the thorax and the lower portion of the elytron is surrounded by a densely white line. The rear of the elytron has two longitudinal stripes ochre sheen and white stripes are located on this specie's pronotum and elytra. The femur located on the forelimb is adorned with sharp and hard-pointed spikes. Each limb has a double-pronged claws that are highly curved allowing the beetle to climb onto tree barks. The females have an irregular-shaped shovel -like curved horns facing upwards. t reaches about 40–50 millimeters (1.6–2.0 in) of length in the males, while the females are slightly smaller, reaching about 35–38 millimeters (1.4–1.5 in) in length.



【4K-60fps】Dicronorhina Derbyana mating Part1 シロヘリミドリツノカナブンの交尾 その1


The larvae live in the soil on decaying vegetable material, while the adults feed primarily on tree sap and fruits. A female lays up to 200 eggs. The full life cycle will take 8–9 months, and the adult beetles can live 3–4 months with the sole purpose to find a soulmate and reproduce.


  • Dicronorrhina derbyana carnifex
  • Dicronorrhina derbyana conradsi
  • Dicronorrhina derbyana derbyana
  • Dicronorrhina derbyana layardi
  • Dicronorrhina derbyana lettowvorbecki
  • Dicronorrhina derbyana oberthueri