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Damon diadema

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Damon diadema

Damon diadema belongs to the Amblypygi order and the Phrynidae family. The Latin name Damon diadema means King of Demons.

An arthropod is not exactly an insect, but has many features of one.


Damon diadema is a whip-spider that is dull brown to grayish in color. These arachnids have a long and slender pair of front legs. The front pair of legs are like antennae, because they help this species feel. They use their pedipalps to attack prey. It also moves sideways, something unique with Amblypygi.


Whip-spiders live in caves, under rocks, and occasionly in trees. They are common arachnids in Tanzania and other parts of Africa. This whip-spider is also predacious. They are one of the largest whip-spiders, but are not harmful to humans.

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