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Chrysochroa ephippigera is a jewel beetle from the family Buprestidae. Often remarked as the world's one of the most beautiful insect due to the glistening colors this species can have. This species is native to Thailand


Chrysochroa fulgens beetle. All hail the glorious Jewel beetle (Chrysochroa fulgens)! This species is native to Thailand, sporting a stunning technicolor dream coat with a golden yellow waistband. Chrysochroa fulgens can reach a length of about 20 millimetres (0.79 in). Elytra and pronotum are metallic green. The true coloration of Chrysochroa fulgens is black with a latitudinal stripe on the central portion of the elytron. They have a stunning appearance upon exposure to direct lighting at which point they can have a stunning iridescent coating their elytron they can have a wide array of colors upon exposure to any illuminated area they are often said to be one of the best of nature's artworks.