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Chiasognathus granti

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Chiasognathus granti
Chiasognathus granti granti
  • Chiasognathus granti affinis
  • Chiasognathus granti brevidens
  • Chiasognathus granti chiloensis
  • Chiasognathus granti pygmaea

Chiasognathus grantii, Darwin's stag beetle, or to locals Ciervo volante is a stag beetle in the Lucanidae family and the Chiasognathus genus.


This cyclommatus is a bizarre and beautiful beetle native to Chile. The body length including the mandibles range from 70 to 80 mm. The female is smaller than the male with a body length of 25 to 40 mm. The eyes of both genders are small and are colored gray, brown, or black. Between the males and the females, they share a Geschlechtsdimorphismus. The male has long upper mandibles. The upper jaws are perpendicular to the top. The mandibles are compared to upper jaws, and are shorter and barely upwards.

The first segment of the thorax is very broad and short, more broad and short than the other segments.


This beetle reaches sexual maturity at the end of puppet stage. During mating season, the males will fight for females with their very long mandibles. After the mating is finished, the female will lay small eggs, and in two to three weeks, they will hatch. The beetle can use temperature fluctuations in a good way, but it may also kill the larvae.

The adults of this species usually feed off of tree juices, while the larvae will eat deadwood of hardwood trees.

Global climate change is effecting the population of this species of beetle.

This species is limited to the Malleco province in Chile. They mainly live in Valvidian forests, and are rare and ancient species in the forests. The Valvidian forests are now under protection because the climate change is killing the beetles.