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Chelorrhina polyphemus

Chelorrhina polyphemus.JPG


Chelorrhina polyphemus is a species of flower chafer native to the African rainforests.


This is a vibrant and colorful species of flower chafer with both elytrons densely speckled with pale white blotches, The thorax has 5 longitudinal lines running horizontaly, the protonum is marked with a line segment, The head has a flattened cavity with brown eyes on either sides followed by sissor-like mandibles with a large horn in the centre which ends with a grandient black color and a V shaped end. The coxa of the front legs is pale white and the femur, tibia and tasus are adorned with razor-sharp spikes, the front legs are larger and thicker comparitively to the hind legs, the hindlegs are matt-black and end with sickle-shaped claws, The antennae are apex is followed by a dotted border line, the apex is smooth in texture, these beetles are incredibly large and powerful and may measure upto ♂ being 42–80 mm and ♀ being 42–55 mm in length. They have a prismatic green coloration.


The larvae develop in decomposing log compost. The third instar constructs an ovoid cocoon for metamorphosis and attaches it to a solid surface. In captivity, the instar may attach the cocoon to a glass container wall allowing the opportunity to view the transformation.


Subspecies Chelorrhina polyphemus confluens