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Chelorrhina kraatzi marlenae

Chelorrhina kraatzi marlenae.JPG


Chelorrhina kraatzi marlenae is a subspecies of Chelorrhina kraatzi.


Chelorrhina kraatzi marlenae is a truly bizarre species of flower beetle with irregular patterns on it, pale yellow longitudinal stripes are present on the thoracic region whereas there are pale yellow blotches surrounding the most notable feature is the long and pointed snout that can penetrate through even the wood of a premium quality. The snouts have different shades of red and orange and are curved upwards the length of the snout like extension has a length larger that half of it's thorax and head combined. The legs are densely adorned with hundreds of long, pointed spikes. Their are pale white spots are aligned together in a lane. The femur of the hind leg is heavily covered with setae for carrying lumps of pollen on the ventral side of the femur they have double pronged sickle-edged claws that cling onto surfaces with an excellent grip.