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Chalcosyrphus nemorum is a Palearctic and Nearctic species of hoverfly.


Wing length 6.5-8.25 mm. Hind femora are swollen and deep. Hind tibiae strongly curved and the ventral surface with closely-set short black hairs for the whole length. The abdomen is short tergites 2-4 with a pair of pink or orange-brown marks. The legs are black with yellow knees and yellow tarsi. [2] [3] [4] [5] The larva is figured by Hartley (1961).


Fennoscandia South to the Pyrenees and from Ireland East through Northern, Central and Southern Europe (to South Italy) across the Palearctic into Russia and the Russian Far East and Sakhalin and Japan. In the Nearctic from Alaska to Nova Scotia and South to California.