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Caribidae is a family of Ground Beetles. They are commonly mistaken for Darkling Beetles, which usually have lower jaws and thicker

bodies, and are slower. Ground Beetles are common household pests, and there have been thousands of successful (and unsuccessful) attempts to get rid of them. This species can range from light emerald green to the more common shiny blacks and extremely dark blues. Carabidae, just like any other ground-dwelling beetle, is very fast, and they eat a wide range of insects and other invertebrates.

Carabidae also have extremely bad eyesight, and they normally hunt only at night, where their black body will be hidden to predators and when they are not easy to spot.


  • Anthiinae
  • Apotominae
  • Brachininae
  • Broscinae
  • Carabinae
  • Cicindelinae
  • Ctenodactylinae
  • Dryptinae
  • Elaphrinae
  • Gineminae
  • Harpalinae
  • Hiletinae
  • Lebiinae
  • Licininae
  • Loricerinae
  • Melaeninae
  • Migadopinae
  • Nebriinae
  • Nototylinae
  • Omophroninae
  • Orthogoniinae
  • Panagaeinae
  • Paussinae
  • Platyninae
  • Promecognathinae
  • Protorabinae
  • Pseudomorphinae
  • Psydrinae
  • Pterostichinae
  • Rhysodinae
  • Scaritinae
  • Siagoninae
  • Trechinae
  • Xenaroswellianinae