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Campodea fragilis is a species which is from order Diplura.


This Hexapod belongs to the Campodeidae family.


C. fragilis is small minute sized zoarapteran, They have a long cerci which compromises of almost half of it's body size, it is pale white with a wonderful translucent skin, They are mainly white in color but have been also recorded being caramel in color as well on seldom occasions. Their large antennae are composed of up to 15 segments Their abdomen is compromised of 5 delicate and frail plates. in addition to the wonderful transparent carapace which makes their body almost completely see-through. They have small minute-sized limbs and lack eyes. They do not have any wings.

Life cycle[]

Males drop several spermatophores, about 200 a week, then the female picks it up with her genitalia. She then lays her eggs in the soil, and the eggs hatch in 12-13 days.


C. fragilis is found worldwide, except Antarctica, found in loamy soil and rotting plants.


Feeding Habits[]

This zoaraptys species is an omnivore, they may either be predacious feeding on any present soft-bodied invertebrates in the region such as wooly aphids, other rock crawlers and they may also be cannibalistic, they may also be Saprophagous tunneling through the decaying manure in the snow-blanket covered mountains helping in decomposition during the process.