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Since there are no active admins, someone should become one. I'm an avid animal lover and am experienced in administratorship. I have filed in an adoption request to adopt the wiki. I am willing to hear if anyone agrees or not.

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Goliathusfarm0001 Goliathusfarm0001 19 September 2012

Goliathus quadrimaculatus for sell

I like insects exspecial African giant beetles such as the Goliathus. I study them, i buy them, i do sell them as well if any insect dealer is willing to buy. Mostly, I deal with the following species:

-Goliathus cacicus
-Goliathus orientalis
-Goliathus goliathus apicalis
-Goliathus goliathus
-Goliathus goliathus conspersus
-Goliathus goliathus albatus
-Goliathus goliathus quadrimaculatus
-Goliathus goliathus undulus
-Goliathus goliathus conspersus
-Goliathus goliathus regius

-Syefanocrates preussi
-Chelorrihna kraatzi
-Pachnoda fissipuncta
-Pachnoda marginata peregrina
-Eudicella euthalia nyassica

If any boady has, i will be listening.

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