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Batesia hypochlora

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Batesia hypochlora, The Pastel Paillion is a species of lepidopteran from the monotypic genus Batesia. It is also known as Painted Beauty, Batesia hemichrysa and Batesia hypochlora chrysocantha


Wing Morphology[]


Batesia hypochlora has a wingspan of roughly 80-95 mm The dorsal portion of the wings has a gunmetal-colored background followed by a sub-marginal strawberry pink band, the central proportion of the wings is coated with a hint of midnight blue.


The ventral side of the wing is coated with glistening, wonderful and colorful scales the hindwing is completely sunflower yellow with a gunmetal band submarginating across the border line. Hindwings have a vintage-brown colored background along with a large pastel pink patch located on the apical half of the wing, the apex is coated with a tint of light-brown.

Body Morphology[]

Elongated slender body with brown eyes and long clubbed antennae.

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Taxonomic Division[]


  • Batesia hypochlora hypochlora
  • Batesia hypochlora hypoxantha

Geographical Range[]

Geographical Distribution[]

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This species is found in the upper Amazon areas of Brazil, Ecuador and Peru.


This species is found among shady glades, forests with lush foliage and tend to bask on stones and fallen wood.