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Armadillidium vulgare

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Armadillidium vulgare

The Armadilliudium vulgare, or the Pillbug is a land crustacean insect. It comes from the family Armadillidiidae and is the most researched Isopoda


Pillbugs are a grayish colour like most of its family. They roll into a ball if disturbed and can survive a metre tall drop in the air. When rolled, their shell is tightly sealed. Many, or perhaps, most, have a slight yellow pattern striking their back. They measure 1-2 millimetres in length at the rolled up position, but have a normal 5 millimetre measure.


These are found commonly in Europe and are widespread, but are found also in western North America. They are usually found walking mindlessly outside of flower or vegetable gardens at local suburban homes. You may also spot them climbing walls or tree bark with dry moss. As they grow through age, their main food source is dead leaf from a vegetable or tree. When raining, they hide in their roll-up form.

Pill Bugs can survive in very dry climates, the best of the family. They tend to roll or move away from a source of water. They cannot survive temperatures above 35°C and hide in shadow with this temperature. Most of their day is spent eating in the soil, but tend to walk into the sidewalk occasionally.