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Aphelorrhina neumanni allardi

Aphelorrhina neumanni allardi.JPG


Aphelorrina neumanni allardi is a subspecies of Aphelorrhina neumanni along with it's several other subspecies.


A vibrant green and lovely chafer with a lush green iridescent along with a metallic elytron reflecting The sunlight as it falls onto A. neumanni allardi's exoskeleton. The distinctive feature that seperates A. neumanni allardi from it's original species with the difference being in the coloration of the elytron unlike Aphelorrhina neumanni, This species has a maroon instead of red colored elytron and the carapace being duller that it's original species.


Found in Africa and more specifically Kenya, These tropical insects prefer quite an array of habitats ranging from grassy flower meadows and lush-green foliage covered tropical rainforests with a fresh availability of ample food sources.