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Aphelorrhina bella is a sub-species of Aphelorrhina bella which both of the species originating from the family Scarabaeidae.


A medium sized yet truly magnificently colored flower chafer. The exoskeleton is coated with a bright metallic iridescent with the borders being surrounded densely by pale white colored blotches and the center of the elytron has a bright vermillion mark and the thoracic region's borders being surrounded by an orange highlight and the legs are painted golden in color. The magnificent colorations combined with the glistening iridescent coating this nature's artwork make it one of the most beautiful beetles. The males ack horns on the snout and the females have an asymmetric irregular shaped horns.


Found in Africa and more specifically Kenya, These tropical insects prefer quite an array of habitats ranging from grassy flower meadows and lush-green foliage covered tropical rainforests with a fresh availability of ample food sources.