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Anochilia is a Genus of Cetoniids from the order Coleoptera and from the superfamily Scarabaeoidea With 20+ currently described species.

The Genus Anochilia has a limited information regards the described specie's behavior. They do not possess any true colorations which is quite commonly seen among several coleopterans. Their size reaches from small to medium. Their key features and behaviors are currently undetermined to this Wiki, feel free to leave any reasonable information whenever possible.


  • Anochilia bifida
  • Anochilia compacta
  • Anochilia flacourti
  • Anochilia flavipennis
  • Anochilia frobervillei
  • Anochilia hydrophiloides
  • Anochilia incilis
  • Anochilia laevigata
  • Anochilia laterivirens
  • Anochilia moffartsi
  • Anochilia nitida
  • Anochilia picipes
  • Anochilia punctulicollis
  • Anochilia ruficollis
  • Anochilia rufipes
  • Anochilia scapularis
  • Anochilia subvidua
  • Anochilia viossati
  • Anochilia vitticollis
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