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Amazula suavis is a species of flower chafer from the family Scarabaeidae and the subfamily cetoniinae. It originates from the tribe Gymnetini.


One of the truly beautiful flower chafers, this species is coated with dark black color, the left and the right ends of the thorax have been coated with a pair of scarlet blotches. It's obdomen has 4 larger pale colored blotches that are exactly symmetrical on both sides. It's body length is roughly 2-3 millimeters. They prefer hovering around in meadows searching for sweet scented nectar.

Distribution & Region[]

These rare flower chafers are found only in a few certain countries situated in southern America making them considerably rare. They like to hover over sunny patches of meadows with batches of flowers blooming together, they are mostly active during the daytime especially in sunlit areas.