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Allotopos rosenbergi is a species of stag beetle from the family Lucanide from the tribe Allotopus.


A beautiful burnished golden beetles with a bronze coloration, the propagation of light affects the luster of burnished golden colorations of this stag beetle, Their beauty made them one of the famous insects for collectors, They have a pair of curved slightly distorted mandibles or "Horns" These lucanids Have a pair of reddish-brown (Maroon) elytra with a fine venation. The abdomen beneath the burnished elytron's is maroon in color. The tibia and the tarsus is covered with sharp edged thorns with a sickle-end at the tibia with two extra-sharp claws. they can measure between 4-8 centimeters, their exquisite appearance makes them incredibly famous for collectors.


Found in several regions of southeast Asia with the most abundant generations of Allotopus Rosenbergi being found in Myanmar and Indonesia they also have a distribution range from Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and a very few being found in Eastern India and South-western China.