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An adult is the last stage of an insect which either comes after the adolescent stage of the insect or the pupal stage after emergence.

Complete metamorphosis[]

The adult phase takes place in complete metamorphosis after the emergence period which takes place after the pupal stage, caterpillar will suspend itself underneath (Or besides) the previous host plant's stem. Then the caterpillar will molt for the final time in it's life, this time the molting process is quite odd unlike other instars the caterpillar went through earlier in it's life. As it molts it's entire body including it's large bulbous head. A unique transformation is taking place within the chrysalis. Then the caterpillar undergoes a great ordeal where it releases an enzyme called caspases. which dissolves it's muscles, digestive system and smaller organs leaving behind respiratory system and a series of imaginary disks that will then form newer arts including the scales and the wings what allows them to do so are the genetic memory in each disk which turns into a cell. The imaginary disks were earlier stored within the caterpillar's body in the form of Harmons. About 5-7 days, the digestive system of the lepidopteran is ready, by 16-20 days the limbs, head and the thoracic region are all ready. then the adult within the pupa emerges out of the pupa to mate and reproduce and that's all they have to do in their lives that only last for 4-7 weeks. This process occurs in a breath-takingly short period of time compared to other natural changes such as a blossom turning into a fruit or a plant producing buds. Moths often build protection for their own selves by spinning a nice warm and cozy blanket of silk to provide them with warmth and protection overwinter. The adult within releases a corrosive neurotoxin, corroding a small portion of the cocoon large enough for the adult to emerge.

Incomplete metamorphosis[]

The adult stage of an hemimetabolous insect comes after the adolescent stage which is another name for the nymphal stage, The adults emerge after the molt has been finished as a winged insects in most species with highly developed organs and a fully functional reproductive system the adults have the sole purpose is to find a soulmate and reproduce. The limbs, antennae and the stimulus of the adult insect is functional hence they differ from their nymphal stage however no in-depth information is available regarding Hemimetabolism.