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Abax Schueppeli

Abax scheuppeli.png


Abax schueppeli is a ground beetle belonging to the Carabidae family.


This Ground Beetle has a bumpy shell. The head, as well, has a strange irregular elytron surface pattern. The antennae have a formerly large length ranging from 17-21 mm in length. All species have a glossy matt-black coloration and powerful mandibles alongside a short pair of antennae. Abax Schueppeli Has it's tibia and tarsus adorned with sensory hairs. They are carnivorous and are vicious predators. They are agile, swift and vital and primarily derive their food from soft-bodied animals namely caterpillars, larva and many other arthropods.


This species is native to Ireland. However, it can be found all over Europe and a small population of the species were imported to southern America however, in south America, Abax Schueppeli is considerably an incredibly rare species. They prefer woody, semi-arid habitats especially forests and plains of grassy, sunny meadows with an ample food source.